5 Year Plan

The Council are putting together a list of projects and ideas that it would like to see happen. Some of these will be long term, hard to deliver aspirations for the village, others will be small scale jobs which are easy to deliver.  Once we have this list, we will be able to narrow down the list to things we can realistically aim to achieve in the next 5 years.

The list has been broken down into three groups. To comment on the lists, add things to the lists and/or to identify your priorities, please click on this link: Comment here


Ideas/projects relating to CMPC property:

Areas of land given over to re-wilding or increased bio-diversity projects.

Better and more accessible beach access.

Deliver the Pump Track project.

Electric car charging points

Hollands Park development plan (MUGA, toilets, play area, etc)

Improve the existing play areas at Blackmore Ham Gardens and Hollands Park.

Increase the number of play areas.

Monthly car boot sale in Kiln Car Park extension

Review coach bays / increase car parking at High St. Car Park

Upgrade public benches


Ideas/projects grouped together as “Village wellbeing”:

20mph zone

Controlling housing development.

Climate emergency measures

Enter “Britain’s Best Kept Village” or “Britain In Bloom” competitions

Footpath along main road / pedestrian safety throughout the village.

Improvements of public toilets at Kiln Carpark. (toilet seats, Showers?)

Increased resident parking spaces

Job opportunities / training

Park & Ride scheme (land train?)

Regular (monthly) events to draw in visitors (Carnival, Earl of Rone, etc)

River pollution / sea water quality.

Support farming / food production

Traffic pollution.


Ideas/projects relating to internal Council processes:

Car park resurfacing budget

Community Centre improvements and repairs

Outstanding leases sorted

Parks to be maintained at all times

Reduce precept.

Review of assets (identify unused or redundant assets)