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About the Council

Information about what we do

Combe Martin Parish Council has twelve unpaid councillors, who are here to represent you and help whenever they can.  The Parish Council meet once a month on the 2nd Monday to discuss matters arising from residents and / or a varying selection of articles that need discussing. Combe Martin Parish Council has a wide range of responsibilities including:



Combe Martin has many unadopted streets, which are not lit by Devon County Council, so the Parish Council provides the lights.


Car Parks

The Parish Council has five car parks and the Coach Park. Income from these helps to pay for street lights and maintaining Combe Martin Beach, parks, play areas and other open spaces. Hollands Park and Holdstone Down are free of charge.


War Memorial

The Parish Council owns and maintains the War Memorial and its garden.


Combe Martin Beach

We own the beach to the low tide mark which is quite rare as normally a beach is only owned to the high tide mark. We look after and clean the Combe Martin Beach to Quality Coast Award standards, despite being challenged by sudden collections of flotsam and jetsam being washed ashore, as well as large amounts of seaweed, especially after a storm.

Parks and Open Spaces

Combe Martin has a number of areas for people to enjoy, which are cared for by the Parish Council.  We manage Adderstable Woods, Cobblers Park and the areas around both Combe Martin and Newberry Beaches.  We are responsible for the Parade at Newberry, Hollands Park, Adams Hay and Blackmore Ham Gardens, plus the play area at Arnold’s Plot. We maintain over 90 seats, spread throughout the parish, as well as providing and servicing all the dog bins.



As well as owning the parks and open spaces above, we own a number of buildings.  The parish owns and manages the Community Centre, while the Village Hall, Hollands Park Football Club house, and the Bowls Club house & green are all leased from the Council and run by their respective charities/clubs/committees. The Council also own Seacott and Eberleigh House in Cross Street, which houses the Combe Martin Museum.

As well as providing the assets above, the Parish Council responds to planning consultations and other government consultations, and works with other agencies such as North Devon District Council, Devon County Council and the Environment Agency to ensure that things like refuse collections, road repairs and flooding problems are all handled smoothly.

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