Happy to help

Combe Martin Parish Council were delighted to assist the RSPCA yesterday when they released a group of rescued seals back into the wild. Although it was a damp and grey early morning, all 9 seals were quick to make for the water. A couple of hours later one seal was still playing in the bay before heading out to sea. We’re sure they will enjoy Christmas being back in the sea rather than the rescue centre.

Full Council

Combe Martin Parish Council has had a fantastic year for elections. With 13 nominations and only 12 positions available there was always going to be disappointment, but thank you to Stewart Johnston for standing in the first instance. The councillors have now had their first full meeting and all went well. We welcome Keith, John, Katherine, Lee and Martin and look forward to utilising their knowledge base for the benefit of the village.

Apologies to Andy for leaving him off the list of new councillors. We welcome all new councillors to the table.