Agenda for CMPC meeting to be held on 17th April 2023 at 7pm at the Community Centre

Agendas Uploaded on April 12, 2023

Members of the public are welcome to attend a meeting of Combe Martin Parish Council which will be held on Monday 17th April 2023 at 7pm at the Community Centre for the purpose of transacting the following business.


To accept any apologies from Councillors.

Declarations of Interest.
To receive any declarations of interest (pecuniary or personal) and to note any dispensations granted by the Clerk.

Public Participation Period.
In line with Standing Orders, this item shall not exceed 30 minutes and a member of the public shall not speak for more than three minutes.

To approve and sign the minutes for the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13 March 2023.

County and District Councillor Reports.
To receive and note reports from the County and District Councillors on their activities or the activities of their Council, which affect or relate to Combe Martin.

Police Report.
To receive and note the monthly Ilfracombe Neighbourhood Police Newsletter.

Clerks Report.
To receive and note a report on actions taken since the last meeting and updates on ongoing projects.

Planning. North Devon Council, the determining authority has asked for comments from the Parish Council on applications affecting Combe Martin. At the time of publication that was the following applications, but applications received after publication may be considered: (if any)

Planning Decisions.
To note the following decisions, made by North Devon Council: (if any)

Planning Decisions
To note the following decisions, made by Exmoor National Park: (if any)

To approve the April “Payments to make” and additional “Payments” lists, and to note the monthly “Payments Made”, and “Receipts” reports and the financial Dashboard from March.

To consider the request from the museum to pay a contribution towards the electricity used to run the dehumidifier during the flooding at the Museum.

Mill Weir Lane
To consider the response from this council’s solicitor regarding Mill Weir Lane and to agree how to proceed.

Toilet in Kiln Car Park
To receive an update and to agree how to proceed with the takeover from NDC.

Hollands Park
To receive an update and to agree how to proceed with the wall repairs.
To consider where to plant £60 of donated trees.

ROSPA report
To note the playground inspection report.

To receive an update on the Grounds Manager position and to consider supplying a branded uniform.

To note that the Dog ban on the beach commences on 1st May – 30 September 2023.

To note the correspondence:
Road closure – Borough Road

Election news
To note that there will not be an election in Combe Martin on 4th May 2023. Combe Martin has received 12 nominations for 12 seats, so this is uncontested election.
To thank the outgoing Councillors for their service to Combe Martin Parish Council.
To thank District Councillor Yvette Gubb on her service as a District Councillor.

Future Meetings
To note the date of the next Council meeting and the Annual Parish Meeting – Both being held at the Village Hall on Monday 22nd May starting at 6pm