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Co-Option Policy (and application form)

Policies Uploaded on July 19, 2022

Co-Option Policy.

When a Councillor vacancy arises, the Clerk informs the Elections office at North Devon
Council. They will record the vacancy and create an official Notice of Vacancy, which starts
the official procedure for calling an election. If an election is not called by the date stated on
the Vacancy, then the Parish Council can fill the position by Co-Option.

• When it is confirmed that an election has not been called then the Clerk should
advertise the Co-Option vacancy on the Council notice board, website, and any other
suitable platforms.
• The vacancy should be publicised for a minimum of 2 weeks before the Council
considers any applicants.
• Applications will be accepted upon receipt of a correctly completed form (confirming
eligibility to stand).
• Applications will be considered at the first meeting (following the minimum 2 weeks
publicity) after their application has been accepted.
• Applicants will be invited to attend the meeting where their application will be
• If required, existing Councillors will vote (in line with the methods described in the
Standing Orders) to produce a successful candidate.
• The successful candidate will then sign their Declaration of Acceptance of Office
form and join the Council. If the successful candidate is not at the meeting when
they are selected, they should sign their Declaration prior to or at their first meeting.

A copy of the Co-Option application form is available from the office or by downloading this policy.