Community Centre Committee (CCC) Terms of Reference

Policies Uploaded on July 27, 2022

Although the Community Centre Committee is a committee of CMPC, it is required to operate in accordance with charity law and to make decisions in the best interest of the Trust, rather than the Council. 

The eligibility criteria for this committee are different to that of the Council. By law, the following people are disqualified from serving on this committee: 

Anyone who has an unspent conviction for: 

  • An offence involving dishonesty or deception 
  • Specified terrorism offences or being a designated person (under specific anti-terrorist legislation) 
  • A specified money laundering offence 
  • Contravening a Charity Commission Order or Direction 
  • Offences of misconduct in public office, perjury, or perverting the course of justice. 

Also automatically disqualified are people who are: 

  • Currently declared bankrupt (or subject to bankruptcy restrictions or an interim order) or have an individual voluntary agreement (IVA) with creditors 
  • On the sex offenders’ register 
  • Disqualified from being a company director 
  • Removed from a trustee role by either the Commission or the High Court due to misconduct and / or mismanagement. 

New members of the committee will be given a copy of the governing document, a copy of these Terms of Reference and an update on the Trust’s financial position. 


The Community Centre Committee is set up to act as, and on behalf of, CMPC as “Trustee” of the Trust which owns the Community Centre building. 

  • The committee will be made up of seven Councillors 
  • A Quorum will be four members 
  • Membership of the committee will normally be decided at the annual meeting each year. 
  • The committee Chairman will normally be decided at the first meeting of the committee each year. 
  • The committee will normally meet immediately after full CMPC meetings. 
  • The Clerk will draw up the agenda and record the minutes in line with the Charity Commission guidance. These will be displayed on the Council notice boards and website. 
  • The public may attend all meetings unless temporarily excluded due to the confidential nature of the business being discussed. 
  • The committee is responsible for agreeing and managing all aspects of the Community Centre – aspects of which may be delegated to Council officers. 
  • The committee has the authority to spend and authorise payments from within its own budget.