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Delegated Powers

Policies Uploaded on July 19, 2022

Delegated Powers.

In the event that a Council meeting is not held (e.g. due to being in-quorate,) then the Council still needs to function, fulfil its responsibilities and represent the views of the village. One of the following clauses take advantage of the fact that a Council may legally delegate its authority to a Council officer, the other sets out a change in procedure. These clauses only apply if a monthly Council meeting is not held. If a monthly meeting can be re-arranged within a suitable period, then these clauses will also, not be applied.

1. Planning Applications

Planning applications have a limited window for consultation replies to be returned, so it is likely that the Council would be unable to get an extension for replying later than the original date. That being case the Council will delegate the authority to reply to the Clerk.

Details of each application are routinely distributed to Councillors when the office is informed of the application, so should they wish to highlight a legitimate material consideration, they should do so as soon as possible. If it is known that the monthly meeting will not be taking place when the application details are forwarded to Councillors, the office will try to ensure that it is highlighted that the reply will be sent by the Clerk (and when this will happen).

2. Payments

The Council has a duty to ensure that it pays its bills promptly. In the event that a meeting does not take place, then the Council could end up with overdue bills.

Most of these bills are for regular things (office printer charges) or are for expenditure that the Council has already specifically agreed to (e.g. replacement benches) – in both cases, agreeing the payment should be made is just a formality as the Council has already approved the purchase. For these bills the Clerk will circulate (to Councillors) the list of payments to be paid and unless there are no objections, will set up the payments as normal and ask a Councillor to authorise the payment / be the 2nd signatory on the cheque. The payments will be reported to Council at the next meeting.

When there are invoices for payment, where the original approval for the works did not approve an expected cost, the Clerk will contact the vendor and try to negotiate a payment date extension. If necessary, an additional meeting may have to be called to approve the payments.