Minutes CMPC meeting 9th May 2022

Minutes Uploaded on June 8, 2022

Minutes of the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting held
on 09th May 2022 at 7pm at Combe Martin Community Centre.

Present: Cllrs. T Seldon (Chair), S Coomber (Vice Chair), A Corner, S Daukes, C Galloway,
D Hatherley, M Richards, P Walker, R Watkins, D Woodbury and M Worth.
Also in attendance: County Cllr A Davies, District Cllr Y Gubb, Andrew Wyer (Clerk)
and 3 members of the public.

119/22 Election of Chairman – Cllr Seldon was elected Chairman for the municipal year 2022/2023.
120/22 Election of a Vice-Chairman – Cllr Coomber was elected Vice-Chairman for the municipal year 2022/23.
121/22 Apologies – Cllrs. Watkins, Walker and Galloway all apologised for having to leave early. (Cllr Watkins left the meeting at 7:05pm)
122/22 Declarations of Interest – Cllr Coomber declared an interest in Item 14 (Minute 132/22) and Cllr Walker declared an interest in Item 37 (Minute 155/22).
123/22 Public Participation – A question was asked a planning matter and the Council were reminded that there were covenants in place at Adams Hay and Bowling Green.
124/22 Minutes – Cllr Woodbury had been incorrectly recorded as being a member of the Community Centre Committee in the minutes of the meeting held on 11th April, so his name was removed from that minute before they were approved and signed.
125/22 Clerks Report – The Clerk gave a verbal report explaining that due to planned and unplanned absence from work, the office had been short staffed through the entire month since the last meeting. The end of year financial paperwork and Internal Audit preparation had also taken up much of the last week. Some of the agenda items planned for this meeting would have to be deferred to a later date as the supporting paperwork was not ready.
126/22 County Cllr Davies had emailed her report, which was circulated to Councillors.
District Cllr Gubb asked that if there were any planned Jubilee events, it would be good if NDC could be notified so they could collate the information. The Tarka Leisure Centre is due to open on 24th June 2022. NDC is still struggling with recruitment issues, which is continuing to impact on services.
127/22 The Police newsletter reported 10 offences recorded in Combe Martin (2 x Sexual Offences, 2 x non-Notifiable offences and 1 each of Violence (with injury), Violence (without injury), Stalking/Harassment, Other Theft, Arson and Criminal Damage.)
128/22 75250 – It was RESOLVED to support the application for the creation of external access staircase to serve Flat 4 at Oakville, King Street, Combe Martin, EX34 0NW. Map
129/22 There were no applications from Exmoor National Park to consider.
130/22 The Council RESOLVED to note the planning decisions from North Devon Council:
74731 – Approval for the extension and conversion of property to form a four bedroom town house at West Moory, Moory Meadow, Combe Martin, EX34 0DG
74622 – Approval for the change of use from commercial (former bank) to create residential extension at The Bank House, High Street, Combe Martin, EX34 0EB
74542 – Refusal for proposed conversion of outbuilding to residential unit at Pack Of Cards, High Street, Combe Martin, EX34 0ET
131/22 There were no decisions from Exmoor National Park to note.
132/22 Finance – The Council approved the list of May payments totalling
133/22 The monthly finance reports were deferred to next meeting.
134/22 Code of Conduct – It was RESOLVED to adopt the new Code of Conduct.
135/22 Review of Committees – The Terms of Reference for the “Personnel”, “Community Centre” and “Finance & Policies” committees we confirmed as published. The Clerk was asked to investigate what happened to the some of the roles of the “Park & Open Spaces” committee, when it was merged with “Assets”. The “Emergency” Committee Terms of Reference were approved but it was identified that the actual Emergency Plan needs to be reviewed. Councillors confirmed that they understood and agreed that the Personnel Committee had delegated authority to agree pay rates and employment terms and conditions with employees.
136/22 Council Appointments – It was RESOLVED that Cllr Coomber should join the Community Centre Committee. A vacancy on the Emergency Committee for a member of the public, still exists, as does a Council representative to the Combe Martin Business Association.
137/22 Standing Orders – Deferred to the next Finance & Policy Committee meeting.
138/22 Financial Regulations – Deferred to the next Finance & Policy Committee meeting.
139/22 Asset Register – Deferred to the next Finance & Policy Committee meeting.
140/22 Insurance – The Clerk was able to assure the Council that they had comprehensive insurance.
141/22 Subscriptions – Deferred to the next Finance & Policy Committee meeting.
142/22 Complaints – Deferred to the next Finance & Policy Committee meeting.
143/22 FOI & Data Policies – Deferred to the next Finance & Policy Committee meeting.
144/22 Employment Policies – Deferred to the next Finance & Policy Committee meeting.
145/22 Media Policy – It was RESOLVED to replace the existing policy and recording protocol and to adopt the NALC Media Policy with the addition of paragraph 2 from the existing policy.
146/22 Parking Permits – Deferred to the next Council meeting
147/22 SWW bags – The clerk was asked to contact South West Water about this issue.
148/22 Parade Toilets – The clerk reported that the asbestos survey had come back clear so it would be possible to better investigate the situation re: glass tiled roof section. Councillors expressed the opinion that selling the toilets may create issues which could be avoided if the property was just leased. Cllr Woodbury volunteered to write an article for the Shammickite designed to identify possible uses for the site.
149/22 Hollands Park store – Cllr Worth reported that building material prices had significantly increased over recent weeks and were continuing to rise, making accurate quotes hard to achieve.
150/22 Football Club Path – It was RESOLVED to support the Football Club plans.
151/22 Hollands Park / Play area weedkiller – Cllr Galloway volunteered to make recommendations on suitable treatments, for review at a future meeting.
152/22 5 Year Plan – Councillors agreed to send initial ideas to the Clerk, to allow a draft plan to be consulted with the public, which will ensure the Council is working in line with public opinion. (Cllr Galloway left the meeting at 20:36)
153/22 Dates of meetings – It was NOTED that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 23rd May at the Village Hall. The Community Centre Committee will meet on 30th May. It was RESOLVED to accept the provisional calendar of Council meetings.
154/22 Exclusion of Press & Public – It was RESOLVED to exclude the press and public for the remaining 3 items due to the confidential nature of the topics being discussed.
155/22 Seacott Office Lease – The draft lease was approved with minor amendments.
156/22 Parade Lease – The Clerk confirmed that the Heads of Terms for the lease had been successfully negotiated and the next stage would be to get the solicitors to look over the draft lease.
157/22 Staffing – The staffing issue was noted and it was agreed to look for a grass cutting sub-contractor.