Minutes from the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting held on 13th June

Minutes Uploaded on June 20, 2022

Draft minutes of the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting held
on 13th June 2022 at 7pm at Combe Martin Community Centre.

Present: Cllrs. T Seldon (Chair), S Coomber (Vice Chair), A Corner, S Daukes, C Galloway,
D Hatherley, R Watkins, and M Worth.

Also in attendance: Andrew Wyer (Clerk)
and 1 member of the public.

158/22 Apologies – Cllrs. Richards, Walker and Woodbury had all sent apologies.
County Cllr Davis and District Cllr Gubb had also sent apologises.
159/22 Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations on interest.
160/22 Public Participation – A question was asked a highways matter.
161/22 Minutes –
It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes from the Parish Council meeting held on
Monday 9th May 2022 were correct and they were then signed.
The draft minutes of the Community Centre Committee meeting held on Monday 30th
May 2022 were NOTED.
162/22 Clerks Report – The report from the Clerk was NOTED. Councillors continue
to appreciate the regular report and welcome the technological innovations the Clerk is
bringing to the Council.
163/22 County Cllr Davis was not present to provide an update.
District Cllr Gubb had provided the following updates, which the Clerk presented on her
behalf: Hollands Park Toilets – Cllr Gubb is optimistic that the grant will be able to be
used for the proposed toilets at the workmen’s store, but this is being checked by the
NDC legal team. Kiln CP Toilet seats – Cllr Gubb had received confirmation that
retrofitting ordinary toilet seats to the Kiln CP toilets was not possible. Kiln CP Toilets
locked stalls – this appeared to be a result of a communication breakdown between NDC
staff. The reasons behind the stalls being locked will be investigated and where possible
they will be re-opened.
164/22 The Police newsletter reported 4 offences recorded in Combe Martin (1 each
of Violence (without injury), Stalking/Harassment, Other Theft, and Possession of a
165/22 There were no planning applications from North Devon Council to consider.
166/22 There were no planning applications from Exmoor National Park, relating to
Combe Martin, to consider. The Council declined to comment on the applications
related to the railway at Blackmoor Gate.
167/22 The Council RESOLVED to note the planning decisions from North Devon
75072 – APPROVED – Erection of additional agricultural storage shed to that
currently in situ to store tractors and agricultural machinery and fodder at Overdale,
Buzzacott Lane, Combe Martin, Devon EX34 ONL Grid Ref; 260036;145968
75234 – APPROVED – Application for a non-material amendment to 71193 (reserved
matters application for erection of five dwellings following outline planning
permission 63453 (App/X1118/W/18/3197384) in respect of amendments to
boundary treatment and appearance of lower portion of Southern elevation Plot 5
168/22 There were no decisions from Exmoor National Park to note.
169/22 Workmen’s Store Building – Only two companies submitted prices (these
were opened at the meeting). Both were rejected. Council agreed to reconsider other
options for the store building.
170/22 Finance – The Council approved the revised budget and allocated some of the
windfall from last year’s parking income to earmarked reserves: £15k to Car Park
resurfacing fund, £10k to Community Centre repair fund, £10k towards the pump track
project. Other funds were adjusted including an additional £8k to play area equipment.
Earmarked Reserves now stand at £128,740.
171/22 Finance – The Council approved the list of June payments totalling
£16311.95 and noted the receipts and payments made reports from April and May.
Councillors liked the new Dashboard report and asked that this was included in the
regular reports to Council. The Clerk requested that the Assistant Clerk be added as a full
signatory to the Bank Account, which Councillors agreed to.
172/22 Annual Governance & Accountability Return. – Cllr Hatherley confirmed that
he had reviewed the financial information as part of his Internal Financial Control role
and was satisfied that they were accurate.
172/22a It was RESOLVED to NOTE the Internal Auditor’s report
172/22b It was RESOLVED to complete and sign the Annual Governance Statement.
172/22c It was RESOLVED to approve and sign the Accounting Statements.
172/22d It was RESOLVED to note the explanations of variances, the Bank
Reconciliation, and the Notice of the period of Public Rights.
173/22 5 Year Plan – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should collate all the
suggestions so far, circulate this to Councillors for any last-minute additions and should
then publish the list and invite the Public to add suggestions or to make comments.
174/22 Council Land – The Clerk was asked to bring a map and/or list of the various
pockets of land that the Council own, but are not used, to the next meeting.
175/22 Kiln Car Park – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should write to NDC about the
toilet situation to see if there is anything the Parish Council could do in support of
District Cllr Gubb and her efforts.
176/22 Parking Permits – It was RESOLVED to accept all the recommendations within
the report, and it was further agreed that the Clerk had authority to use his discretion to
resolve any issues during the changes.
177/22 Maintenance – The Clerk had identified some maintenance work that was
still outstanding and due to the staffing situation was unlikely to be addressed as quickly
as he would have liked. Some issues, such as daily updating the bathing water signage
had been resolved (thanks to Helen Mallinder at Surfside for covering weekends). Others
such as bench refurbishment had stalled, which meant that the bench from outside the
new Co-op shop is sat behind the Community Centre awaiting work. A member of the
public who has experience of the work involved agreed to consider helping with this
178/22 Correspondence – One of the items of correspondence was a request for a
grant. The Council asked the Clerk to draw up a Grant Policy for assessing grant
applications, for adoption at the next meeting. The other item of correspondence
related to Carnival Committee events. It was suggested that the Carnival Committee
could possibly make use of the Council insurance, which would dramatically reduce the
running cost of events, but would require the Committee to become an official Council
Committee (or “Working Group”).
179/22 Dates of meetings – It was NOTED that the next Council meeting would be
Monday 11th July. The Clerk was asked to come up with a Policy which would allow the
Council to properly deal with Planning Applications if the Council decided to copy many
other Councils and not meet during August.