Minutes of Combe Martin Parish Council meeting on 11th April 2022

Minutes Uploaded on April 26, 2022

Minutes of the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting held
on 11th April 2022 at 7pm at Combe Martin Community Centre.

Present: Cllrs. T Seldon (Chair), S Daukes, C Galloway (part), D Hatherley, P Walker,
R Watkins, D Woodbury and M Worth.
Also in attendance: County Cllr. A Davies, Andrew Wyer (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.

91/22. Apologies.
Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs. Boyce, Coomber and Richards.

92/22. Declarations of Interest.
Cllrs. Seldon and Worth declared an interest in Planning Application 62/19/22/003.

93/22. Public Participation Period.
A member of the public urged the Council to consider remounting each
commemorative plaque individually, in front of the bench it related to when the
seafront benches are replaced.

94/22. Minutes.
It was RESOLVED to approve and sign the minutes for the Parish Council meeting
held on Monday 14th March 2022.

Cllr. Galloway arrived (19:07)

95/22. Co-Option.
One application had been received so Alison Corner was CO-OPTED onto the Council.
Cllr. Corner signed the declaration of acceptance of office and joined the Council.
She chose not to vote on any of the remaining Agenda Items as she had not been
issued with the supporting paperwork so could not make an informed decision.

96/22. Clerks Report.
In addition to the written report, the Clerk shared examples of the new style Parking
Permit and updated Council on staff holiday dates. It was RESOLVED to receive and
note the Clerks report.

97/22. County and District Councillor Reports.
County Cllr. Davies had submitted a report which was circulated to Councillors prior
to the meeting. She also praised the Council’s submission for 20mph but stressed the
value of having an active Speedwatch scheme. Document here
Cllr. Daukes wished to publicly thank Cllr. Davies for her work in helping to get the
barrier repairs (Parade Car Park) scheduled for next month.

District Cllr. Gubb had sent apologies but had shared two documents for circulation
to Councillors.

98/22. Police Report.
The monthly Ilfracombe Neighbourhood Police Newsletter was not available in time
for the meeting.

99/22. Planning Applications.
It was RESOLVED to make the following submission to North Devon Council:
75072– To support the erection of additional agricultural storage shed to that
currently in situ to store tractors and agricultural machinery and fodder at Overdale,
Buzzacott Lane, Combe Martin, Devon EX34 ONL. Grid Ref; 260036;145968

100/22. Planning Applications.
It was RESOLVED to make the following submission to Exmoor National Park:
62/19/22/002– To support the proposed replacement of existing dwelling with
replacement dwelling north of current site, removal of outbuildings, reduction in size
of retained barn and the creation of orchard area. Formation of new surface water
drainage and connection into existing foul drainage provision, together with,
associated landscaping works for new dwelling at North Challacombe Farm, Combe
62/19/22/003– To support the proposed replacement of gate and replacement of
timbers of existing agricultural building. Part retrospective. At Skirhead Farm, Combe

101/22. Planning Decisions.
It was RESOLVED to note the following decisions from North Devon Council:
73182 – Approved
Notification of works to a tree in a conservation area at Rosemanley, High Street,
Combe Martin, EX34 0LH
74698 – Approved
Erection of a Parish Council Workman Store at Hollands Park, Chapel Lane, Combe
Martin, EX34 0HJ
Cllr. Woodbury suggested that the Council should update the planning permission to
make sure that it includes permission for the workmen to conduct basic
maintenance and servicing of the Council vehicles.

102/22. Planning Decisions.
There were no decisions from Exmoor National Park to be noted.

103/22. Finance.
It was RESOLVED to approve the April list of payments to be made.

104/22. Finance.
It was RESOLVED to note the “Payments Made”, “Receipts”, and “Car Park receipts”
reports. The Clerk was unable to produce the Bank Reconciliations for the Santander
Bank accounts as he is waiting for access to these accounts.

105/22. Finance.
It was RESOLVED to approve a Grant to the Community Centre for £5000.

106/22. Seaside Lights.
It was RESOLVED to commission the electrical works required to recommission the
festoon lighting at the Scar.

107/22. Playground Inspections.
It was RESOLVED to note the inspection reports. The Clerk reported that the issues
highlighted were being addressed.

108/22. Code of Conduct.
It was RESOLVED to defer a decision on adopting the Code of Conduct until the next
meeting when Councillors will have had the opportunity to undergo the training, so
would have a greater understanding of the requirements.

109/22. Internal Auditor.
It was RESOLVED to confirm the appointment of Julie Snooks as the Internal Auditor.

110/22. Community Centre Committee.
It was RESOLVED to adopt the Terms of Reference and to appoint Cllrs. Daukes,
Galloway, Richards, Seldon, Walker, and Worth to sit on the committee.

111/22. Shed at Seacott Flat.
It was RESOLVED to replace the wooden shed with a similar shed.

112/22. Annual Parish Meeting.
To avoid confusion between the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of
the Council, it was RESOLVED to arrange that the Annual Parish Meeting be held in
the Village Hall on a date to be agreed by the Clerk with the Village Hall. Invitations
to groups etc to present reports at the meeting, could then be sent out.

113/22. Correspondence.
The correspondence was NOTED.

114/22. Date of future meeting.
The next Council meeting, which will be the Annual Meeting of the Council, was
confirmed as 9th May.

115/22. Clerk Probationary Period.
It was RESOLVED to receive and adopt the recommendation from the Personnel
Committee that the Clerk had successfully completed his Probationary Period and
that his employment should be confirmed as permanent.

116/22. Exclusion of the Press and Public.
It was RESOLVED that under section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to
Meetings) Act 1960 that the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the
following items, as they involve the likely disclosure of confidential information.

117/22. Personnel Committee.
It was RESOLVED to note the SCP changes report.

118/22. Personnel Matter.
It was RESOLVED to note the personnel matter.