Minutes of the CMPC meeting held on 27th March 2023

Minutes Uploaded on April 12, 2023

Draft minutes of the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting held
on 27th March 2023 at 7pm at Combe Martin Community Centre.

Present: Cllrs. T Seldon (Chair), S Coomber, L Lethaby, D Richards, D Woodbury and
M Worth.
Also in attendance: District Cllr Gubb, Andrew Wyer (Clerk), 4 from the Wildlife Park and 21 other members of the public.

361/22 Apologies – Apologies were received from Cllrs Corner, Galloway, M Richards and Walker.
362/22 Declarations of Interest – None
363/22 Public Participation – The applicants for 76452 explained why these lodges were vital to the sustainability of their business and answered several questions about the environmental mitigation being put in place. A question was also asked of the Council wanting reassurance that no work would be started on 76849 until approval had been granted – this assurance was given.
364/22 Minutes – It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes from the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13th March 2023 were correct and they were then signed. Cllr Woodbury wanted it noted that he felt that the proper procedure had not been followed during 350/22 – Payments but that it would not have affected the decision.
365/22 Planning (NDC Applications) – It was RESOLVED to support 76452 and 76838 and not to comment on 76450 and 76849 ( both are CMPC applications.)

76452 – Erection of 22 vacation lodges, associated infrastructure and environmental mitigation to include landscaping at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, Combe Martin, Devon, EX34 0NG

76838 – Demolition of garage, shed and conservatory together with erection of extensions and raising roof to form additional accommodation including balcony and erection of ancillary building at Bristol Channel View, Woodlands, Combe Martin, Devon EX34 0AS

76450 – Conversion and change of use of toilet block to a bakery/cafe at Parade Car Park Toilets, Seaside Hill, Combe Martin, EX34 0AP

76849 – Erection of workman’s store at Combe Martin Community Centre, Church Street, Combe Martin, Devon, EX34 0LQ