Minutes of the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting held on 13th November.

Minutes Uploaded on November 23, 2023

Draft minutes of the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting,
held on 13th November 2023 at 7pm at Combe Martin Community Centre.

Present: Cllrs. Corner, Everett, Galloway, Lethaby, Masters, Optix, Richards, Seldon, Smallridge, Watkins, and Worth.
Also in attendance: County Cllr. Davis, Andrew Wyer (Clerk) and 4 members of the public.
127/23 Apologies – Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr. Cass.
128/23 Declarations of Interest – Cllr Lethaby declared that as a District Councillor, the views he gives (and how he votes) at this meeting will not necessarily be the same as he does at a District Council meeting.
129/23 Public Participation – There were questions asked about how the Council can help combat dog poo on the beach (additional signage and promoting responsible dog ownership on social media). An apology was offered to the Council by the person who interrupted the meeting last month – with an explanation that they were trying to highlight the work of NDC that had not been reported and highlighting that no representative of the village had been present at the meeting when former District Cllr Gubb had been made an Alderman.
130/23 Minutes – Cllr Everett pointed out that he had been left off the list of attendees at the last meeting. This error was corrected, and the draft minutes of the Council meeting held on 9th September 2023 were approved and signed by Cllr Seldon as an accurate record. The minutes of the Personnel Committee meeting held on the 23rd of October were noted.
131/23 County & District Cllr reports – County Cllr Davis had distributed her report ahead of the meeting. She highlighted that the County was conducting a confidential survey aimed at reducing fatal accidents.
District Cllr Lethaby had nothing to report. He explained that he felt the District Council was doing nothing for Combe Martin, so he had nothing to report.
132/23 Council Representative Reports –The Clerk had represented the Council at the AGM of Leys Charity, which was in good financial health and had been able to help many residents in the village with grants towards their education expenses.
133/23 Clerk’s Report –The report had been shared with the agenda. The Clerk added that as well as talking to a parking machine company, he had just come from a meeting with the toilet operating company that was the preferred operator for Lynton, Lynmouth and Ilfracombe. Further information should come to the next meeting. The report was then noted.
134/23 Police Newsletter – This had been circulated ahead of the meeting and reported 2 crimes in Combe Martin, 1 in Berrynarbor, and 82 in Ilfracombe. The newsletter was noted.
135/25 Planning Map – The Clerk explained that this would allow residents to better understand where applications are – especially in a village with so many house names, rather than numbers. Residents can enter their postcode (or any) and the map will centre on that postcode.
136/23 Planning (NDC Applications) – None
137/23 Planning (Exmoor NP Applications) – None
138/23 Planning (NDC Decisions) – None
139/23 Planning (Exmoor NP Decisions) – None
140/23 Planning Correspondence : None
141/23 Finance – It was resolved to approve the lists of payments to be made, together with a £100 donation to the Royal British Legion, totalling £11559.29.
142/23 Finance – It was resolved to note the lists of payments made, receipts received and the October Dashboard report.
143/23 Clifford Brookman – The Council echoed the comments made by the Clerk in appreciating 37 years of work for the Council and the community of Combe Martin. Cliff had already received his leaving present and it was agreed that it was the perfect present for him.
144/23 Off Street Parking Order – The Councillors discussed the various suggestions that had been made through the year and resolved:
The main car parks should remain at £1.30 per hour, but the hourly prices should be shown all the way from 1 hour to 9 hours.
All car parks should require cars to be taxed, insured and roadworthy.
Long term permits (6 and 12 month) will only be available to those who live and/or work in the village.
The Council will explore methods of making the car parks more campervan friendly.
To stop people from using the car parks as cheap campervan storage, campervans will be charged £240 per year for a permit.
No Trailers will be allowed in Hollands Park Car Park and must have a parking ticket in other Car Parks.
The winter rate will become £1 per hour. Cormelles Car Park will continue to charge at the winter rate but only offer 2 hours, 4 hours, with 12 hours at £6 and 24 hours at £8.
145/23 Arnolds Plot – There was considerable confusion about what was being proposed, which had resulted in the planning department comments not making sense. The Clerk will meet with Cllr Optix to confirm the exact nature of what will be needed before getting further advice based upon the correct information.
146/23 Disruption at the last meeting – Councillors noted the apology offered earlier in the meeting, but they felt that it was qualified rather than sincere. Several suggested that this wasn’t the first time this member of the public had tried to cause trouble for Cllrs. Lethaby and Worth. In the end they resolved to draw a line under the incident and move on, hoping that nothing similar happened again.
147/23 Men in Sheds & CM Christmas – Cllr Cass was not present to propose these, so they were deferred.
148/23 Warm Space – The Clerk discussed how well this had been received last year and how many people had made use of the Warm Space. There were some lessons to be learned from last year, but the Council resolved to offer a warm space to anyone needing one this winter. In addition to the warm space, the kitchen is available for people to have a hot meal.
149/23 Correspondence – The correspondence was noted.
150/23 Exclusion of Press and Public – It was resolved to exclude the public and press from the following items as they would likely include the disclosure of confidential information.
151/23 Confidential report from the Personnel Committee – The Council noted the report. The Clerk was pleased to report that since the report, Andy Charlesworth had accepted the Position of Assets Manager, but his start date was yet to be confirmed.
152/23 Football Club Lease – The Clerk was able to confirm that the Football Club had offered to host a meeting between their committee members and our Assets and Land Management Committee, to move things along.

Next Meetings –
Finance & Policies Committee will meet on 27th November at 6pm
Full Council will meet on 11th December at 7pm.