Minutes of the Council meeting held 11th July 2022

Minutes Uploaded on July 28, 2022

Draft minutes of the Combe Martin Parish Council meeting held 

on 11th July 2022 at 7pm at Combe Martin Community Centre. 


Present: Cllrs. T Seldon (Chair), S Coomber (Vice Chair), A Corner, C Galloway, D Hatherley,  

M Richards, P Walker, R Watkins, D Woodbury and M Worth. 

Also in attendance: County Cllr Davis, District Cllr Gubb, Andrew Wyer (Clerk)  

and 15 members of the public. 


180/22 Apologies – No Councillors had sent apologies. 

181/22 Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest. 

182/22 Simon Daukes – The resignation and the Police advice were NOTED. 

183/22 Public Participation – Questions were asked about safeguarding training, the qualifications needed to be a Councillor, and the perks of being a Councillor. Several residents said they would forward their questions to the Clerk, to allow a full written answer to be sent. It was observed that Cllr. Worth had cleared vegetation alongside a road, which would have been the County Council’s responsibility. He pointed out that he and several volunteers had given their time freely and he had cleared the vegetation for the benefit of the residents of the village and because it was on a Parish Council wall. 

Other issues raised included bathing water quality and the frequency of refuse collection. 

184/22 Minutes – It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes from the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 13th June 2022 were correct and they were then signed. 

185/22 Clerks Report – The report from the Clerk was NOTED.  

186/22 County Cllr Davis had submitted her report, and this had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting.  

District Cllr Gubb reported that North Devon Council were trying to address the housing crisis by creating an “empty home strategy”. This would involve identifying empty properties, engaging with their owners and potentially enforcement after 2 years. The Council Tax energy rebate payments should now be complete, and Household support fund vouchers should be coming out soon. 

187/22 The Police newsletter reported 17 offences recorded in Combe Martin (2 Violence (with injury), 6 Violence (without injury), 2 Stalking/Harassment, 1 Sexual offence, 1 Theft from a person, 1 Other Theft, 3 Criminal Damage and 1 Public Order Offence.)  

188/22 The Council RESOLVED to make the following comments on the planning applications from North Devon Council: 

75428 – To SUPPORT the approval of details in respect of discharge of conditions 6 (archaeology part 2) and 10 (acoustic fence compliance) attached to planning permission 70696 Erection of convenience store with (ATM associated plant and machinery) and diversion /re-alignment of road (amended plans). 

75446 – To SUPPORT the conversion of garage to ancillary accommodation at Greenslopes, Buzzacott Lane, Combe Martin, Devon EX34 0LB. Grid Ref: 259469;145929 

75458 – To SUPPORT the conversion of redundant barn to one dwelling to include extension and associated works at Rectory Road, Combe Martin, Grid Ref: 258662;145899 

75589To SUPPORT the demolition of an existing garage and erection of a dwelling at Clinton Cottage, Combe Martin, EX34 0HT.  

189/22 There were no planning applications from Exmoor National Park, relating to Combe Martin, to consider.  

190/22 The Council RESOLVED to note the planning decisions from North Devon Council: 

74818 – APPROVED – Retrospective renewal of a retaining wall. 

75250 – APPROVED – Creation of external access staircase to serve flat 4. 

191/22 There were no decisions from Exmoor National Park to note. 

192/22 Finance – The Council APPROVED the list of July payments totalling  

£9279.77 and NOTED the receipts, payments, and Dashboard reports from June.  

193/22 Council Land – The most recent list of land parcels owned by the Council is out of date and not complete. Several longstanding Councillors or ex-Councillors offered to review the list and try to help bring it up to date.   

194/22 Car Parks – The Council RESOLVED to approve layout changes in Kiln Car Park which will increase capacity by 4/5 spaces, convert an additional space for disabled use, and to changes at the Parade Car Park which would add 2 spaces. Changes at High St Car Park would depend on coach turning space, which would be looking into.  

Cllr. Hatherley left at 20:15  

195/22 Workman Store – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should apply for LBC to site a workman store at the rear of the Community Centre. Alongside this, the proposal to site a Prefab at Hollands Park will be reconsidered.  

Cllr. Galloway left at 20:34 

196/22 Flower Festival – No Councillor agreed to organise the Council’s display at the Flower Festival. 

197/22 Co-Option Policy – It was RESOLVED to approve and adopt the draft Co-Option policy prepared by the Clerk with the form being amended to ask applicants to record their motivation for joining the Council and what experience / skills they would bring to the Council. 

198/22 Delegation Policy – It was RESOLVED to approve and adopt the draft Delegation Policy prepared by the Clerk. 

199/22 Grants Policy – This item was deferred to the next meeting. 

200/22 Mooring Request – It was RESOLVED to approve the request in principle, depending on the research and information the Clerk was trying to obtain. 

201/22 Wood and seaweed – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk would bring a Green Waste Policy to the next Council meeting. 

202/22 Hangman Path – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should investigate the deeds and agreements to identify if the Council is obliged to maintain the path and to what standard.  

203/22 Hollands Park CP Wall – It was RESOLVED to relegate the Clerk to appoint a suitable company to repair the wall pending Email approval. 

204/22 Correspondence – It was agreed to NOTE the various correspondence about Simon Daukes as most of what was being called for outside of the Council’s control or had already happened. 

The request from the Football Club was approved if the Council hold the funds, otherwise they would be directed to the correct authority. 

205/22 Future meetings – It was RESOLVED that the next Council meeting would be held on Monday 12th September. The next Finance & Policy Committee meeting would be held on Monday 22nd August. 

206/22 Exclusion of Press & Public – It was RESOLVED to exclude the press and public for the final item of the agenda. 

207/22 Staffing situation – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk should continue to make use of outside contractors while the Council is short staffed.