Personnel Committee (PER) Terms of Reference

Policies Uploaded on July 27, 2022

The Committee is responsible for all matters concerning the Council’s employees. 



  • Five members, including the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council, neither of whom can be Chairman. The Clerk is an ex-officio member. 
  • A Quorum will be three members. 
  • Membership of the Committee will normally be decided at the annual meeting each year.  



  • The Committee will meet in March and October. Additional meetings may be called as required. 
  • The Clerk will draw up the agenda and minute the meetings. 
  • The public may attend all meeting unless temporarily excluded from part of the meeting by means of special resolution. 



  • To consider all matters concerning the Council’s employees, including appointing all staff other than the Clerk.  
  • To take all action necessary to advertise, select and interview candidates to make an appointment within budgetary constraints.  
  • To consider and deal with grievance and disciplinary issues (clerk related).  
  • To consider staffing levels necessary to efficiently discharge the work required by the council and to review the workloads periodically and report any recommendations for change to full council.  
  • To be responsible for the development and training of staff to ensure that they have capacity to do their job.  
  • To ensure the staff’s Health and Safety by providing appropriate tools and equipment, and to train staff as necessary to safeguard their health & safety at work.   
  • To negotiate and agree with employees to confirm or amend terms and conditions as well as any proposed salary awards which will be reported to full Council, and to ensure that full and open discussions have taken place with staff and members as required.  
  • To consider and agree the Council’s employment policies, procedures and documentation including dignity at work/bullying and harassment policy, disciplinary and grievance policy, equal opportunity policy, appraisal policy and the health and safety policy.  
  • To review the Council’s and/or employees’ memberships of other bodies.  
  • Where a complaint is made against a member of the Personnel Committee that member shall temporarily stand down, whilst the investigation takes place, and another Councillor be appointed.  
  • The committee should consider training and professional development for Councillors and take these to full Council for agreement.  
  • The Committee shall be empowered to take decisions and such action as is seen fit to deal with any unforeseen personnel matters which may arise from time to time, including this Council’s Employers Duty of Care.