2022 – 2023

2022 – 2023

The missing reports will be added when they become available.

AGAR – External Audit Certificate

There was a typo on the original paperwork submitted to the Auditors, causing them to note in “Other matters” that we had not complied with Regulation 15. As the Notice of Public Rights (on this page) shows, we did comply and I have spoken to the Auditors and they are happy for the Council to declare Yes to this assertion on next years Governance Statement with the addition of a screenshot of our Notice, proving our compliance.

AGAR – Conclusion of Audit

Notice of Public Rights

AGAR – Accounting Statements

AGAR – Annual Governance Statement

AGAR – Internal Audit

Internal Auditor Report

Payments made during 2022 – 2023

Receipts from during 2022 – 2023