Combe Martin Parish Council (CMPC) has been offered a parcel of land within the village known as ‘Wollams Land’. This is bordered by the River Umber opposite the Blackmore Ham Pleasure Gardens play area and located between Park Lane and Water Lane.

CMPC is required to consult with Parishioners on the decision to purchase the land for community use.

CMPC is inviting suggestions from parishioners as to what community uses they would like to see for the land?

(Access and location, make social housing and car parking a very remote possibility)

Land use will affect what grants may be available. The price will be at market valuation yet to be established, estimated: £75,000,00

CMPC will need to obtain a Public Works Loan, (PWL) to purchase the land and the size of the loan will be dependant on what other grants are available

If you would like to respond to the consultation, please complete the below public consultation document and return it to the Parish Council by post to: Seacott, Cross Street, Combe Martin EX34 0DH or email at:

CMPC Public Consultation on Woolamsland

Map reproduced by kind permission of the Land Registry