Staffing Update

We have re-organised the roles our Council workmen do, to better suit the changing priorities of the Council and the tasks the Council have taken on. Rachelle’s retirement and David leaving us to go and work for Barnstaple TC provided the perfect opportunity to review the existing roles and to adapt them for the future.

Clifford our Senior Workman, has taken on the new role of Seafront Manager. He will be a regular presence on the beach and around Parade and Kiln Car Parks, both making sure the area is well maintained but also being available to answer any queries raised by visitors and locals alike. Alongside this he has also taken on the role of CPEO (Civil Parking Enforcement Officer) for our car parks. He is working full time, but his working hours are flexible so include evenings, early mornings and weekends.

We also welcome Tom Bird to the Council workforce as our new Grounds Manager. Tom comes to us from Exmoor National Park and has a wealth of experience and numerous qualifications. Tom will be responsible for the Parks, grounds and play areas that the Council have around the village. Having Tom on the workforce should allow us to reduce our use of outside contractors for things like grass cutting and hedge maintenance and so areas like Cobblers (Swan Hill) and Hollands Park should get more regular attention. Tom will also be full time, with flexibility on his actual working hours.

Both Clifford and Tom will be reporting directly to the Clerk, so if there any issues or things not getting done during this period of transition, please let Andi know and he will get it resolved.